2020 Provincetown Guides:
The Fashion Issue

Publisher’s Letter

Welcome to the ptownie 2020 Provincetown Fashion Guide. The number of talented people living in Provincetown never ceases to amaze me. No matter how much time you spend here, you’re constantly learning about someone who’s doing remarkable things. Just this week I learned that designer Ken Fulk—if you don’t know who he is, make sure to look him up—is the person who bought the beautiful and historic Mary Vorse house. Instead of taking the eight-bedroom house and splitting it up into condos, he restored it meticulously and is opening it as a new Arts Center. Amazing!

It’s the people of this town, past and present, who give Provincetown its soul.

My year-round friends and neighbors in Provincetown are these people, and many of them are suffering today. They are the people who own the small businesses and services that make this town what it is. We choose to live at Land’s End because of its beauty—but, mostly, because of its community. I won’t belabor the point, as I know you all understand, but, if you can, please support your favorite shops and artisans by buying a gift certificate or shopping with them online. We could really use your help.

Speaking of amazingly talented folks, I feel like a kid at Christmas about this issue of the Guide! This is something we’ve been working on for about nine months. I must thank the extremely talented and ridiculously nice Ric Ide and Scott Coffey for bringing us this fabulous fashion Issue. The clothing and footwear from our fashion photo shoot is all from local shops, and much of it is designed and made in Provincetown.

If you saw a photograph in any of ptownie’s magazines that you loved, it was most likely Ric Ide’s. From the minute I first saw one of his portraits, I asked myself, “who is this guy?” Please make sure to read his profile to learn more about this incredibly talented man.

Scott Coffey, of Coffey Men, orchestrated and produced the fashion shoot, expertly pulling models and attire together. If you’ve never been to Coffey Men (or his website), let me tell you: it is a must. He makes and designs all his own clothing, belts, and amusing accessories, from fun harnesses to beautifully tailored smart clothing and suits. Two years ago Scott taught me (and many others) how to sew at Provincetown’s Winter Wednesdays—a program where locals go to learn a new skill or activity—and it’s people from Scott’s and Rod’s class who ended up locally creating the pandemic’s badly needed masks. That is how this town works!

But I’ll be honest: we locals in Provincetown are worried, and for good reason. Balancing opening an economy (which relies on four months’ business a year for survival) with the health of its citizens—that is truly a daunting proposition. And so I ask you: please be respectful of this place we all love. Wear a mask. Be responsible. Love each other. Be kind.

Our very soul depends on it.

— Mike Miller: Publisher