Provincetown Events

Art Market Provincetown Opening

May 26th at 9:00PM – Art Market Provincetown

Friday Night Openings Are Back for 2017

Art Market Provincetown unveils one of May’s most anticipated shows with a lineup of artists headlined by the legendary Jay Critchley’s new Sand Paintings: People of Colors project.  We’re grabbing dinner first on Commercial and then heading down on foot weather permitting. 

Provincetown Events

Rebel Dance Party

May 27th at 9:00PM – The Paramount

MemDay Women’s Events at the Crown

The go to Women’s Memorial Day Weekend dance party in town is the Paramount Room’s Saturday night Rebel event.  This one fills up fast, we’d recommend grabbing the Party Pass prior to the event so you can skip the lines.

Provincetown Events

Bobby Wetherbee 

May 27th at 9:30PM at Central House

Wetherbee Itching to Tickle the Ivory

If the dance party is not your scene for the night, also consider seeing Bobby Wetherbee in concert.  We have heard a local legend that he is able to stay in the saddle pumping out tunes for over 3 hours straight and are looking to perform a myth busters style analysis of the phenomenon.  

Provincetown Events

Melissa Ferrick

May 28th at 5:00PM at Art House

In Town for Two Shows Only!

Melissa Ferrick has been having quite the mid-career resurgence with her new solo album which she released through her own label, Right on Records.  She’ll be hitting Provincetown on her tour Sunday night for an acoustic set at the Art House.