“Provincetown was bound to notions of paradise from the onset, situated along the outermost reaches of Cape Cod where the peninsula curls into a final clutch of sand—a land away from it all.

While history stamped its approval long before Cape Cod beckoned travelers (in 1620, before Mayflower Pilgrims found their way to Plymouth, they first landed in Provincetown and signed the Mayflower Compact), it was the early artists and writers who, drawn to Provincetown’s light and undulating sand dunes, made the destination a beacon for creative types and sun worshippers alike.

Here’s what to see in this unapologetically buoyant town, where design-driven openings have made this season its most exciting yet.”

Read the full story and get their picks. Architectural Digest Picks for Provincetown: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/design-lovers-guide-to-provincetown


photo courtesy of Provincetown Tourism Office