If you take a moment to read a recently published scathing editorial on the Provincetown Tourism Office’s new partnership with Red Thread Productions, it’s safe to say our friends at the Provincetown Banner are none too pleased with the new plan to brand our town:

“The “You belong here” slogan that was touted by Nadine C. Licostie of Red Thread Productions to a joint meeting of the visitor services board and the Provincetown Board of Selectmen may have sounded like the perfect way to express Provincetown’s allure to some. It isn’t. It’s the kind of sentiment that appeals to people who have already made the choice to live here, and to those in town government who would prefer to project a warm and fuzzy image. It fits the justification many use for buying a home in this hard-to-reach haven at the very tip of Cape Cod. As such, it’s a good real estate slogan. But in terms of tourism, it’s deadly.”

What are your thoughts on the new direction the tourism office is taking, and the price tag associated with it? Check out the full editorial, now available on Wicked Local!