Patrick Ian Patrick knows that the greatest immediate threat to the sustainability of Provincetown is the desperate shortage of housing that locally employed residents can afford. The lack of seasonal and year-round housing is the challenge at the root of most difficult problem for residents, businesses, and non-profits in Provincetown. He is the owner of Marine Specialties and knows the struggle personally.

But, he has decided to do something about it.  The mission of the project is to provide seasonal workforce housing, year-round workforce housing, and create offseason dormitory space for educational programs to reinvigorate the Campus Provincetown concept.

The project will entail:

• 28 Dorm rooms for up to 112 seasonal summer workers and up to 112 students
studying in new offseason educational programs in Provincetown
• Private Baths in every room
• 5 – Studio apartments
• 10 – One-Bedroom apartments
• 1 – Two Bedroom apartment
• 1200 sqft communal cooking, dining, and social area
• Convention spaces through flexible design of common space
• Onsite Laundries
• Onsite Parking
• Bicycle Parking for 112 bicycles
• Location adjacent to proposed new bike trails
• Onsite Management
• Full time security in peak summer season
• Classroom and Studio space available on campus at adjacent Patrick Studios
• LEED Platinum energy efficiency
• Onsite renewable energy generation

Below is what Patrick Ian Patrick is proposing as part of a piece of the puzzle for solving this problem.

The Barracks
The genesis of this project is the need for seasonal and year-round housing for the staff at Marine Specialties. We have struggled with the difficulties our employees face finding housing that they can reasonably afford. It has become apparent that Marine Specialties as a business and Provincetown as a community, need to take decisive action to provide safe, moderately priced, innovatively designed, livable space for employees.

The proposed Barracks at 207 Route 6 will be a new 19,000 sqft building sharing a nearly 4 acre commercial site with Patrick Studios and Marine Specialties warehouse. The building will provide:

The Provincetown Select Board has approved the project with the issuance of an economic development permit that authorizes sewer gallonage for the project for seasonal and year-round workforce housing and off season student housing for non-profit programs.

The next step is an application before the Zoning Board on March 5th requesting special permits allowing for density of 3 full floors instead of 2 ½ floors, exceeding the allowed scale, and a reduction of parking from 49 spaces to 20 spaces. The building will be within existing height limits for single family homes and most vehicular access will be from Route 6.
Public support for this application, ZBA 20-56, is requested in the form of verbal or written submissions:

Written submissions can be sent to the Provincetown Permit Coordinator
Ellen Battaglini
Shankpainter Associates application ZBA 20-56 Zoning Board 6:30pm on March 5th