Update from John Burrows, organizer of Bear Week.  May 17, 2021
From Provincetown Bears:
Great news with the announcement that Massachusetts is lifting Covid-19 restrictions for businesses for this summer. However, local boards need to establish guidelines. The extent that clubs will re-opening and the impact on Bear Week is as yet unclear. We need to have patience for details to be worked on by the local Board of Health and by management of the clubs.
Massachusetts has laws on public safety in clubs that requires strict staffing levels based on attendance. Staffing shortages on Cape Cod for this season will have a significant impact on the size and number of parties promoted at the clubs in July.
One of our host venue managers asks that people are patient waiting for details – they have not yet seen official state guidelines, and will need to work with the town boards before making any plans.

Please note that this could all change over the next couple months.  We have all gotten used to having to be flexible so hang in there with us here. Just from my personal anecdotal point of view– town is BUSTLING….with new businesses, new owners, and a level of excitement that is palpable.  People (and Bears) are coming to Provincetown this Summer no matter what.

From April:

The message for now is that there will be an informal gathering of Bears in Ptown from July 10 – 18, 2021, without parties or organized activities.

Hosts for the traditional parties at Bear Week have not received the okay for large public gatherings and Provincetown Bears is not planning events for this summer.

The decision not to promote a large gathering was made with consultation with main Bear Week host property managers at the Boatslip, the Crown & Anchor, and the A-House, and it was reviewed by the board of Provincetown Business Guild

Members of Team Bear will be in Ptown during the week of Bear Week to start event planning for Bear Week 2022.

Provincetown Bears will help promote activities on town and at the National Seashore that are considered safe within the Covid-19 regulations that remain in place this summer.

Bear Week

Bear Week

Please remember to stay healthy and responsible.  Provincetown is a small community and does not have the resources of larger places.  Be kind and respectful to all values, opinions, and members of our community.


Here is the link to the logistics of Bear Week:  https://ptownie.com/bear-week-provincetown-2021/

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