Catching up with TJ Walton

TJ Walton is a forerunner in the growing group of contemporary self-taught artists living here year-round. A Provincetown resident since 1989, Walton has stayed the course by relying on a deep sense of self-reliance fostered at an early age. Works are done in series of flowers, boats, horses and whale tales as recurring motifs.

All-black is a statement in Walton’s art and fashion. As writer Margaret Bergman said, " T. J. looks anachronistic and fresh at once, a ‘young modern’ much like a 1950s ‘girl painter’ that made the scene in New York's downtown art world. Paintings on linen and wood are both atmospheric and dense. This quality in her pieces has influenced many emerging artists in Provincetown.

After Opening a gallery in 1989, her path as a painter/gallerist was cut short by the illness of her mother. Caretaking a parent is a path many people have to embark on and she was not able to work and carry out her family responsibilities. The re-opening of her gallery in an infamous space (who can ever forget Shop Therapy in this location?) with Director William Wallace is a welcome and celebratory event on Commercial Street.

With a loyal following fostered by her decades as a very talented painter, lauds her re-emergence. Walton has been back in the studio for over a year and is deeply engaged. The opening of her gallery in a new location is a new chapter where she will have the space and support to continue working.

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