Dylan Talks Theme Weeks

I don't know about anyone else in town, but this season I'm depending on theme weeks more than ever. The spirit and enthusiasm of visitors and tourists has, on my healthiest days, buoyed and encouraged me. People come to Provincetown to escape their realities of the world and are often disconnected and unplugged while they are here. Please rub off on me, please talk about Ice cream and the girl you are crushing on. One of the luxury problems of living here is that life can be hard and gut wrenching, it's just hard and gut wrenching against a beautiful backdrop. I have felt heavy with the world; sad, concerned, upset. I don't feel so carefree, barefoot or beach bound. But then I'm stopped in my tracks by a new visitor to my home, I follow a gaggle of girl's pointed fingers to see what landmark I need to reconsider with fresh perspective. Bear week was like a giant pillow for me to gently fall into season with. It's July, Dylan, the world is sad but it goes on and there is joy (read: large, grinning, hairy men) all around you.

As we enter girl splash, I'm ever optimistic that the numbers are here, girls have fun, and local women participate. I am aware of the stereotypes that women are cheaper, don’t go out as much, and are less friendly. To that I say you find what you seek.

As a single lady, I am seeking fun and flirting with women who are not tightly woven into my own L-wordesque chart. I hear hushed rumors that there is an underground, queer, sex positive faction in town this week as well. Fucking bring it! Please make yourselves visible, introduce yourselves, and invite us into your world! Help shift the staid beliefs about who comes to Provincetown and why. Let me hang onto your buoy this week. Next week I'll borrow some oxygenated life force from kids, and cobble together a summer season one theme week at a time.

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