Hot off the Easel with TJ Walton

When did you create this work?

Just finished this week, this piece has had a long process. The under-painting was done about two years ago. I took it through a bunch of changes and then it sat for a year while I tried to figure out a way to resolve it. Finally, I pulled the canvas out and spent several hours looking and thinking, thinking and looking, and then the boats started to emerge conceptually and I was able to work the knife around them. This last inception feels comfortable to me and I feel finished with it, though it might not be finished with me.


What is the medium that you use?

As with most of my work, it is oil on linen or O/L. I’m comfortable with oil and feel we have finally become friends as opposed to how I feel about my thighs (LOL).


How did you pick the subject matter?

I don’t really pick the subject matter; it mostly picks me. The boats are a recurring subject matter stemming from a lifetime of fascination with Provincetown Harbor and all its manifestations.


Why is it important for you to share this with ptownie readers?

It’s important for people to know that these paintings don’t just happen overnight and that they are all a work-in-progress.  Something I start today might not be finished for a year or two. It stays in the back of my mind while I hound myself about what to do with it. And even then, it’s questionable as to its resolve; most paintings are never really finished. One day, it’s a vase of flowers, the next day it’s boats and flowers or boats in the sky with flowers. Or whale tails.


Tell us a little bit about your new space.

As for my new space, It’s big and beautiful! I have a great team, we work well together and I am proud of us.

This new piece from TJ will be available tomorrow night at their Gallery Relocation Opening Event at 346 Commercial Street.  This promises to be the hot event of the week here in Provincetown!

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