Keeping the Piano Bar Tradition In Provincetown

Townies, Washashores, and all regular visitors to Provincetown know the Kings (or Queens?) of the Piano Bar in Provincetown.  Two of the hardest working guys in town.

Take 5 minutes to listen to what we old NPR old timers used to call “Driveway Moments” and just reflect on the years of good times, laughs, and acceptance that has happened around the piano of these two guys.  They have forged an unlikely friendship and mentorship based on respect, trust, and admiration of a craft.

“WCAI- Local NPR for the Cape, Coast & Islands- Bobby Wetherbee has been playing piano in Provincetown every summer for the past 57 years.  After years of hustling, he’s now helping the new generation find its voice.  His mentee, Jon Richardson, is helping him keep an old tradition alive.”

Click here to listen to: WCAI Bobby & Jon



Photo by Joshua Wilmoth