The Boys of joe coffee

joe coffee Provincetown

There’s a line waiting for joe coffee to open. There is one most mornings; it’s become the place to start the day in Provincetown.

“The support from the community has been phenomenal,” says co-owner Mark Shaw. “As long as you listen to your customers, listen to your staff, it becomes a collaboration. We always want to hear from people—what they want, what they like, don’t like, we listen to all their suggestions.”

That openness has helped establish the three owners— Mark Shaw, Peter McBrien, and Glenn Siegmund, known collectively as MPG—as an integral part of the communi- ty. For them, this past year of owning joe coffee is literally a dream come true; the friends had talked together about the establishment for three years before they were able to purchase it. Siegmund—the only one of the three currently living year-round in Ptown—is onsite general manager, and focuses on sales, marketing, staffing, community engagement, and public relations; Shaw is head of opera- tions and spends most of his weekends and vacation time from his corporate job at his second home in Ptown; and McBrien, who owns a second home in Provincetown as well , focuses on financial and risk management and is onsite as much as he can on the weekends in season and during his vacation.

joe coffee Provincetown
joe coffee Provincetown

And they do listen. The customer base wanted some non-coffee drinks, so the joe coffee menu has expanded to include fizzes (seltzer-based drinks), smoothies (including “joe-freshers”), some grab-and-go items, and kombucha (cherry and lemon & ginger flavors).

The to-die-for joe coffee carrot cake is still on the menu— enough incentive all by itself to drop by for a midmorning snack! The patio feels like a bistro, a gathering-place for friends to share Provincetown moments; during Family Week it was used as meeting space for various groups. “We like being part of what’s happening,” says Shaw. “The event weeks have been a blast for us. We even made a special Enchanted Forest lattè for Carnival!”

And they’re already making plans for next year. “We’ve learned a lot – and are still learning,” says Shaw. “We’ve jotted down ideas and suggestions and plan to sit down once we get through the high season to implement the best ideas that will improve our customers’ experience for 2020. So stay tuned, and keep the ideas coming!”

If that line waiting patiently for them to open is any indication, those ideas are working out just fine.

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