At my garden center we’ve been answering questions about cannabis cultivation for years, although often the customers were reticent to admit what they were growing. It was always amusing to hear how many 20-somethings who came in for rockwool cubes were “Helping my mom with her petunias.”

But in 2018 it became legal for individuals in Massachusetts to grow a limited number of cannabis plants, so now we can openly help customers of all ages and levels of experience. In fact, in early February I ran cannabis propagation and growing seminars at Hyannis Country Garden. We charged $20 per person for admission and capped attendance at 80 people. The first talk sold out, so we added a second class the following week. I recall how Jeff Lowenfels, author of the forthcoming book “DIY Autoflowering Cannabis: An Easy Way to Grow Your Own,” frequently says, “Cannabis is the new tomato. It’s the plant that everyone wants to grow.”

Whether cannabis is the new tomato or not, it is a plant that garden centers increasingly need to be informed about. As additional states legalize or decriminalize the use of this plant, more customers will want the information and products needed to grow it.

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