Cape Rep’s end-of-year musical revue Sing Like There’s No Tomorrow brings a new level of joy to the holiday season. Playing through December 9th, it’s very much a not-to-be-missed evening of great music and great fun.

First things first: Trish LaRose and Jared Hagan were born to sing together. Each of their voices alone has terrific range and both delicacy and sweetness—and they both can truly belt it out—but together they become luminous: their harmonies are tight, the voices wrapping around each other and creating a musical spell that’s nothing short of magical.

From the delightful silliness of pieces like Hagan’s ode to Sara Lee and LaRose’s enjoyment of Coke and pizza for breakfast, to LaRose’s rendition of Joni Mitchell (“you’re in my blood like holy wine, you taste so bitter and so sweet”) and Hagan’s fabulous physical presence and acting (despite being on a cane), the pair works its way from delight to despair and doesn’t once let go of the audience.

Each concert in this series features a “guest” appearance, and I was fortunate in being there for the addition of Anthony Teixeira, who blew me away with Jacques Brel’s We’re Alone. Teixeira’s voice demonstrates both power and subtlety, and he has great audience rapport; he’s a joy to watch and listen to.

The revue is backed by a three-piece band and overall presents a mix of Broadway tunes, pop songs, and Christmas music. The latter is the most light-hearted part of the night, as LaRose performs a way-too-fast version of Jingle Bells (exhausting both herself and the audience), while Hagan wears what surely only he can pull off, an ugly Christmas sweater featuring a pink flamingo in a Santa hat.

It’s only here through December 9th, so get out to the Cape Rep in Brewster now.