When: Celebration of Life Concert is September 10, 2021

Where: UU Meeting House

About: For the 28th consecutive year the free Celebration of Life concert at the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House on Commercial Street will feature about two dozen musicians. It’s the prelude to the next morning’s Swim for Life and a celebration of everything Provincetown. The event begins at 8pm.

On every Friday after Labor Day since 1994, the historic and elegant sanctuary of Provincetown’s Unitarian Universalist Meeting House has been the home of an event filled with music, celebration, life, memory, and joy. It is the annual Celebration of Life concert, free in every aspect of the word: free admission, free performances, free space, time and labor. It is Provincetown’s longest-running free music festival.

Hundreds of local and visiting performers have shared their talents throughout the years. The Celebration of Life’s spirit is another expression of the legendary caregiving capacity that Provincetown’s people continue to express in their daily lives.

This euphoric community songfest at the UU Meeting House was created by John Thomas and Jim Vincent in 1994 in association with the Swim for Life. John Thomas has directed this free concert since, offering a rousing prelude to the next day’s Swim.

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