This shop has survived internet shopping, mp3s, and digital books because we are so much more than a store.

The shop was born in 1976, and I a year later. I will forever be one year younger and that seems fitting. I feel like I have been raised in synchronicity with the Womencrafts. My worldview has been formed by the same life experiences that have affected the shop. My path as a woman and as a lesbian has been made easier by places like Womencrafts and the women who have run it so lovingly. I too am handcrafted by women; the women who came before me in written word, music, art, and activism.

When shoppers come in and tell me stories of what it was like to come here so many years ago I listen with gratitude. My role as owner is made possible by the collection of moments that happened in this space before me. This place is very special to me, but I recognize I am one of many. I love this magical space by the sea, and I think we look damn good for 40!

Over the four decades we have witnessed monumental gains like the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 that legalized same-sex marriage nation wide. We have also carried some of the same bumper stickers about abortion and women’s rights because so little has changed.

This has been the first place many women proclaimed out loud that they are lesbians, and we have seen kids bring their parents in the shop to buy books about being transgender. We know we have cultivated a safe and welcoming space that lends itself to partners embracing and kissing, intimate stories being shared, and our staff often crying and reaching for tissues.

Womencrafts has been an iconic institution with the mission to represent art and literature by women since 1976. Lesbian owned and operated for 40 years, Womencrafts is one of the oldest shops in Provincetown. I hope young women feel the same connection to this space as their elders did.