Spring season in Provincetown and shops are starting to buzz a bit earlier this year. Anticipation and hope is high that the year brings the Provincetown experience back to what folks expect.

This is also the case with cannabis/cbd dispensaries.

Hennep, at 246 Commercial Street, is getting ready to open the 1st or 2nd week of April, said CEO Andrew Koudijs. Hennep is looking to make the shopping experience for CBD and Cannabis different, a more lively and fun experience. This shows in their description of who they are looking to hire:

Careers with Hennep:
Hennep is the life of the party, but that wouldn’t happen without wonderful professionals working behind the scenes at our stores. From budtenders to managerial staff, we’ve got room for YOU. We are currently looking for passionate members to add to our Hennep family in a variety of different roles. Both full time and seasonal jobs available.

Looking for a job? Send an email to info@hennep.com and a team member will respond.