Despite the fact that my stepdaughter once worked for Disney, I’ve always been pretty much anti-Team Rodent, so you can imagine how delighted I was when Miss Conception arrived in Ptown with “Forbidden Diznee,” her own brand of tongue-in-cheek (and frequently tongue-out-of-the-mouth) critique of Walt’s dynasty and brought it with her from Toronto to the Art House.

She’s new to Provincetown but promises to return, and in the meantime you still have until September 7th to see just how many different characters she can fit onto one stage–and one body!

Miss Conception–also known in some circles as Kevin Levesque—starts with an anecdote and a film to back it up: when he dressed as Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), his mother complained, “Why couldn’t your sister be the girl?” to which his gay uncle responded, “Because he makes a better one.”

He did, and he still does.

In a fast-moving act that pays homage to 101 Dalmatians (with refrains from How Much is That Doggie in the Window to Who Let The Dogs Out), Mary “Poppers” (who finds that a shovelful of coke really does help the medicine go down in a most delightful way), and a plethora of other familiar characters, Miss Conception quickly and elegantly changes costumes, smart-talks to the audience, and—amazingly—sings all her own songs in a voice that’s sonorous, bright, and pitch-perfect.

In fact, Miss Conception brings drag to a whole new level. There’s singing. There’s dancing. There’s storytelling, Lewd jokes have a definite shelf-life, and she knows it: with a sense of timing that’s perfection, she knows when to get dirty and when to go high, and it’s all absolutely flawless.

Congratulations to Kevin Leveque for a wonderful first season here and to Mark Cortale for another hit show at the Art House and a great addition to its summer lineup!