Mike here from ptownie.  This summer is shaping up to be a very interesting and exciting one. You can feel the energy- and it feels different from years past.  It feels hopeful and happy. But will Provincetown be ready for Drag Shows this Summer?

Things are moving and changing quite quickly.  I’ve updated the information of what DRAG SHOWS will be happening that are currently planned.  As or right now the show will be outside.  Both the Crown & Anchor and The Pilgrim House did this quite successfully last year.  It was not easy task pivoting to get this to work in 2020 but they did.  So they are ready and it will be even better in Season 2021.  If you are interested in a really interesting perspective on the season and how they managed it- take a look at a blog we did a few weeks ago from Rick Murray at The Crown & Anchor.


We know there is more entertainment planned at these venues and will get some updates to you as soon as possible.  It was also just announced that the Provincetown Theatre will be holding outdoor performances in their back parking lot.  Stay tuned.

Will the indoor spaces open up?  Piano bars? Hold on- let me check my crystal ball???  If I was a betting man, I think there is a good shot by July 4th that might be the case.  But that could change just as quickly.


Stay tuned as we update all our Calendar, Event, & Theme Week information what is going on.

Here is the full list of what we know as of today April 21st:  DRAG SHOWS for 2021