When: September 13, 2019 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Where: Provincetown Art House

About: Fauxnique fears you’ll find out she’s a fraud: she has Impostor Syndrome. A cisgender woman drag queen (or faux queen), Fauxnique employs song, dance, drag lip-synch, personal anecdote and simple stage magic to illumine her insidious psychological state. A state-of-mind, turns out, where many a celebrated lady lives and works! Must we all fake it till we make it? Will we ever be real? Impostor Syndrome cracks the case and reveals the sweet, creamy center of authenticity within.

Her revelatory and inspirational show deploys drag, pro-athlete-caliber dance, and first-person dialogue to mine diamond truths about the relationship between women and gay men. It’s on a par with the 1990 film version of Sandra Bernhard’s Without You I’m Nothing. The San Francisco Chronicle says, “Fauxnique is truly one of my favorite stylists and masters of the art of performance and quite frankly, I do not remember having so much fun or respect for a performer in quite some time. (And this is coming from someone who usually hates everything!!).”