When: September 14, 2019

Where: Boston to Provincetown

About: Launched in 2003, Harbor to the Bay (H2B) has raised over $5 million for four local HIV/AIDS organizations; Fenway Health Center, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Community Research Initiative (CRI), and AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts (AAC).

Have you always wanted to do a long-distance ride, but never thought you could make it? Well, so have many of the Harbor to the Bay participants! Until joining Harbor to the Bay, many of our participants had never ridden more than 10 miles. However, as we cross the finish line, you’ll be elated by your personal accomplishments as well as the impact on your community!

What makes Harbor to the Bay different? The Harbor to the Bay Ride is not a race! Instead, it’s a ride where dedicated people who want to support people living with HIV and AIDS can make a difference. Your actions and 100% of every dollar you raise will benefit your community.


  • Friday, Registration Day 09/13/19. Registration will start at 1:00 PM and close at 8:00 PM at Club Café, 209 Columbus Ave. Boston MA 02116, (617)536-0966. If you cannot make it here FEAR NOT you can pick up everything on ride day at Copley Square or Sagamore. Please bring all remaining pledges. Pick up your rider pack, which will have your rider #, bracelet, and 2018 ride jersey. Drop off all luggage you would like taken to Provincetown. (You can also drop off at Copley Square or Sagamore) See safety video and obtain parking vouchers. RSVP for Sunday brunch at Tin Pan Alley.
  • Saturday Ride Day 09/14/19. We’re riding out of historic Copley Square and will have breakfast at Trinity church. Boston Ride Start in Copley Square at Trinity Church.
    • 4:30am-5:00am: crew and rider check-in
    • 5:00am: breakfast
    • 6:00-6:15am: stretching
    • 6:15am: opening ceremonies and ride out
    • 8:15am: crew and volunteers arrive at Sagamore
    • 8:30am: breakfast
    • 9:00am to 10:00am: Rider and crew check-in
    • 10:15am: opening remarks and ride out
    • 6:45pm: riders meet at Harbor Hotel for a ride together to the Boatslip
    • 7:45: closing ceremonies at the Boatslip
    • 8:00pm: dinner at the Boatslip
  • Sunday Brunch: 9:00am – 12:00pm at Tin Pan Alley.

For more information, visit the Harbor to the Bay website.