Christie Hardwick has over 30 years’ experience working in leadership development with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and grassroots organizations. She’s an inspirational speaker and facilitator in a variety of forums and provides strategic thinking and spiritual guidance services to clients across the United States.

She is also a licensed minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, a metaphysical spiritual teaching that studies common spiritual truths and honors the wisdom of master teachers and great philosophical thinkers like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Norman Vincent Peale, Michael Beckwith, and Louise Hay, studying the natural laws of science to improve individual lives and make the world a better place.

She holds a master’s degree in organizational development and has worked professionally as a high tech leader and as an executive coach for over 20 years.

She lives in Provincetown with her wife, Jane Harper.

Provincetown Inspiration Weekend

Hardwick noticed that for years people have been coming to Ptown for a lot of reasons—concerts, parties, cultural festivals—but that there wasn’t anything available that brought people together to focus simply on well being. “My vision was of an event that was different from those other events, something that was offering an experience,” she says. “And with all the other events, music was always something in the background. I wanted to bring it to the forefront.”

2017 marks the fourth consecutive year that Christie has been bringing that musical muse to Provincetown via the Inspirational Weekend, with one goal in mind: “People need to leave feeling fuller,” she says. “So much goes on in town and it’s hard to choose among the various events. I think people will be really happy that that chose to give this a chance.”

The weekend is filled with music and dance. “We loved being at the UU,” says Hardwick, “but we needed more space for movement,” and so this year’s event is at the newly renovated Fishermen’s Hall in what used to be the high school. “We’ll be in the main room for plenary events, and downstairs for breakout events, yoga, and workshops,” says Hardwick. “It’s wonderful to be in one place.”

That one place will contain multitudes for the weekend. Music, of course, and “serious fierce dancing.” Healers will be present. “A Puerto Rican woman, Linnet Caban, is bringing a tribal energy to her workshops on nutrition and fitness,” says Hardwick. “There will be the essential oil people. Jennifer Dimeo is going to be doing acupuncture—that will be happening during the Taizé-style experience; she’ll be in the same room. That’s going to be a powerful combination.”

At the back of Fisherman’s Hall there will be a table offering attendees the option of participating in the creation of a six-foot mandala. “I saw it in New Mexico,” says Hardwick. “You never know what will happen. Anyone can go back and color it at any time. There will be glitter and colored pens and markers, and at the end of the weekend we’ll share what was created.” Mandala expert Kathy Rausch will also do a workshop on sacred geometry. “When you learn the process, and it becomes a meditation, it starts to be what’s coming from inside you.”

But mostly it’s about the music. “The lyrics are what I want you to take home,” says Hardwick. “These musicians have taken a lot of time to give this to you, to deliver messages that are useful. The focus is on constructive lyrics.”

Musicians will be coming from all over the United States and Canada, as well as Provincetown itself: Zoë Lewis will be performing. “Roxanne Layton asked to be a part of it,” Hardwick says. “I was so thrilled. She shares aspects I’d never heard before, using a high register with a sort of wailing sound that’s not sad… it’s intense, it sounds like the oceans, but coming straight from her soul.” Participants will have the opportunity to meet the musicians—and to have space for paying attention to silence. “Unfolding: it’s having a place to put and share that part of themselves,” says Hardwick.

Anyone can register until the last minute. “Townies are welcome: it’s $100 for three days,” says Hardwick. “I wanted it to be accessible for everyone. You can come for only part of it… But come on Friday, and you’ll want to stay!”

Provincetown Inspiration Weekend
September 29 – October 1, 2017