Mike here from ptownie.  Full disclosure:  I am an athlete who uses the recreation facilities in Provincetown and I also sit on the volunteer Recreation Commission.  I joined the Recreation Commission because I want to see our facilities and programs (for adults and kids) become an example of excellence.


Motta Field:  A History and a Future


It has been 30, YES THIRTY, years since any significant renovations have been done to Motta Field.   This will not come as a surprise to those who use it. 

30 Years since the tennis courts have been resurfaced, since pavement of practice wall, and adding baseball and softball backstops.  The last Baseball or Softball game that was played there was back in 2013 when the High School merged with Nauset Regional High School. 

The Provincetown Recreation Commission is seeking grant from Community Preservation Committee for the development of a master plan to transform Motta Field into a state of the art athletic facility for all.  Imagine what Motta Field could be?

Think about what could be on Motta Field:  A beach volleyball court?  A track? Pickleball courts? An outdoor Amphitheatre for outdoor concerts and summer movies? Tennis? What else?

The good news is that this community planning project doesn’t add a single dollar to Provincetown resident taxes.  It is a grant, not a tax.

Support Article 9 Part 3 Section E Open Space/Recreation $100,000 for a Master Plan for Motta Field

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