A Novel Idea, Clothes that Fit!

Working in NYC at Dior and the Polo Mansion gave Scott Coffey the immersion in quality clothing design and fabrication that informs his own design aesthetic at Coffey. But that’s not where it started. For men of a certain age, 6th grade can be life-changing, as it was for Scott. A rotation through hands-on learning in wood shop, metal shop, and sewing revealed his aptitude for, and attraction to, making clothing - not furniture.

So it’s not surprising that a love of fashion found him at its center, working in the most sophisticated stores during the day, and partying at the hottest clubs every night. The NYC gay scene was, as they say, always on, and so was Scott.

It wasn’t the gorgeous clothing or gorgeous men that got old, it was the NYC grind. Having visited Provincetown regularly since 2002, Scott decided to move here one winter and work in a B&B to support his dream of writing a novel. There is no questioning the stories he could tell, but the story he is telling, season after season, is the one about fashion and fit, with sophistication and humor.

Way before Project Runway served up a plethora of gay men designing fabulous clothing, Scott was quietly making clothes that fit his body type - lean, slim, and in shape. It turns out that many men, especially in Ptown, were also in need of the very same thing.

Wondering what to wear to get noticed at the summer picnic? Try one of Coffey’s gingham harnesses – nothing says wholesome fun like a gingham harness. If you want to set a more sophisticated tone, you can’t miss with the slim, fit-body silhouette of the french-cuff polo shirt.

You can meet Scott and see his newest creations including his own Ptown photos-turned-belting and leash fabrics that he will turn into a custom creation just for you.

It’s the beach boy look that turns heads


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