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Planning a destination wedding is difficult: you don’t know who to contact, what resources are available, how to make the arrangements. Enter Get Married in PTown! It began as a simple conversation between Michelle and Jeannette over coffee eight years ago and has blossomed since then into Provincetown’s premier wedding provider.

Most wedding planners are paid a percentage of the wedding costs. Michelle sees a basic unfairness in a system that encourages couples to spend more so that the planner and organizer can make more. She works with couples on an hourly basis so that they can save money, find just the right vendors, and feel good about their wedding. Flowers, photographers, cakes, restaurants, tickets to events—she knows all the right people and can make all the right arrangements.

Believe it or not, anyone can become an ordained member of the clergy through an online “church” and then perform weddings. Jeannette thinks that this most important event needs to be approached with more thoughtfulness and depth of vision. She took honors in her work at Yale University Divinity School and seeks to work with each couple to create the ceremony that is perfect for them.

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