Announcing My Departure as Town Manager, April 8, 2019 – David B. Panagore

As the Chair and Vice-Chair are aware, for the past month I have been actively recruited by the State for a senior management position in Boston, one with significant challenges and the opportunity to be of service on a regional basis. What to do has been a challenging decision in itself. This, honestly, I have felt has been one of, if not the hardest, professional decision I have ever grappled with. It has been a true honor, a real privilege and a highlight of my career to be the Town Manager of Provincetown. Therefore it is with an equal measure of regret and anticipation that I inform the Select Board this evening that I have accepted a position with the State, and my last day of employment will be May 10, 2019, including time for my regularly scheduled annual vacation

The timing of these matters is never perfect. For instance, I did not want to become a distraction for town meeting, and as the chair requested, that if I did decide to take on a new challenge, that I would get us through town meeting. I have fulfilled that commitment. In making my announcement, I have attempted as best I am able to meet the demands of this position as well as the requirements of my pending engagement.

My time here leading an amazing team of dedicated professionals, one of the best teams in the business, I will only cherish. In my initial interview I told that Select Board based on the paperwork before me and conversations held that very day, how impressed I was with the public servants of this community. Now after almost four years I can say without hesitation they are all that and more. I want to and do thank them, in every department and every job, for their dedication, service and understanding and will as time allows be doing so personally.

In particular,this evening I want to recognize the dedication and work of the immediate staff of the Town Manager’s Office, David Gardner, Josee Young, Elisabeth Verde and Erin Ellis, as well in equal measure your Board Secretary Elizabeth Payne. To each of you and your past colleagues, the town moderator and each volunteer, board and commission member, thank you it’s been privilege. It is an intense community, and while they may not know it, or feel it , I thank the voices raised, sometimes caustic, sometimes in anger against some action, statement or personal trait of mine, I have learned listening, patience and a lesson in leadership from each of you most of all.

While I leave for the State to announce the details at a later moment, please understand, none of the turmoil of this board or what sometimes boils up in town drove my final decision, after 25 years in this business such things come with the territory. As a former town manager told me last year, through all the ups and downs of Provincetown, one thing is clear one’s time, as town manager is all character building.

I head out not to leave you all behind, but to take on a new challenge and to be of greater service. It is, has been and always will be about providing honest, transparent government and making a better life for our saints and our strangers. It remains today as it was said nearly 400 years ago by William Bradford “all great and honorable actions are accomplished with great difficulties and both must be enterprised and overcome with answerable courage.” I pray we have together met, and you all will continue to meet, the challenge Governor Bradford set for us. While my employment will change, my commitment to this community has not, as my residency, voting and participation will not. For the opportunity I have had, and the work we have accomplished, I deeply and sincerely thank you all.