No one knows exactly when the first gay kiss was planted in America, but if one had to guess, Provincetown might be the best answer to come across your lips. Known for years as the epicenter of America’s gay scene, Provincetown holds the past and the future in a two-mile stretch of sand and sea. The Mayflower Compact was signed out in the Provincetown harbor as any historian might tell you, and before the little boat sailed onto its second landing in Plymouth, there’s no one who can deny or confirm what exactly happened in the dunes as the Pilgrims went ashore for a little exploring.

Fast forward nearly 400 years and there is no doubt what is happening in America’s gayest hotspot and 2018 is going to be better than ever. This year, Provincetown announces its first ever PRIDE event. That’s right, a stroll down Commercial Street anytime of the year might feel like PRIDE, but it’s never been official until now.  The Provincetown Business Guild, an organization founded in 1978, will establish the annual event to take place in the unofficial national Pride month of June. Commemorating and celebrating Provincetown’s queer legacy. The PBG along with the town invites all Provincetown loving men and women to get their Pride on and bring along a newbie with them. If you know someone who hasn’t had a chance to visit, now is the time to bring them along and brush up on your LGBTQ history.

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