Lower Cape Ambulance teams up with local nonprofits to hold joint food drive

Collection effort offers opportunity to help our neighbors weather this winter

Lower Cape Ambulance Association announced today that a group of town
agencies and local organizations have partnered to hold a two-and-a-half-week Food Drive beginning
Thursday, Oct. 1, to help support Outer Cape residents in need feed themselves throughout the 2020-
2021 off-season. With more residents looking down the barrel of a winter without work —one made
more difficult by the economic impacts of a summer constrained by COVID-19 — Lower Cape
Ambulance (LCAA) is working with town agencies and nonprofits, asking Outer Cape residents to
help neighbors who may be struggling to make ends meet.

The food drive will last from Oct. 1 to Oct. 17, and drop-off boxes will be available at the following
locations in Provincetown and Truro: Seamen’s Bank, two branches in Provincetown (221
Commercial St. and 56 Shank Painter Road) and Seamen’s Bank in Truro, 350 Route 6); Salty
Market, 2 Highland Road, Truro; Helping Our Women, 34 Conwell St., in Provincetown.
Additional locations may be added, so keep an eye out for drop-off boxes.

“Lower Cape Ambulance is pleased to partner with our local human service organizations for this
food drive. This year more than ever we want to fill the shelves of our local pantries to ensure that
our family, friends, and neighbors have enough to eat,” said Steve Roderick, treasurer of LCAA.

“Donations to the food drive can help fill the gap in a winter economy that stretches the budgets of
many people in our community. Besides the usual seasonal shortfall, we anticipate a greater need due
to the pandemic,” said Philip Franchini, chairperson of the Soup Kitchen in Provincetown (SKIP).

Also among the partners is the Provincetown Crop Swap, located at Provincetown Public Library,
which operates similarly to the swap shop at the town transfer station — people can drop off fresh,
uncut fruits and vegetables or take some home. “The donations from this food drive will help stock
the Crop Swap and improve our ability to provide fresh, free produce to local residents,” said Library
Director Amy Raff. “Since Crop Swap launched in September 2019, the challenge has always been
keeping up with the demand. This challenge has only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic, since
the supply from our two most consistent donors has diminished greatly.”

Lower Cape Ambulance Association Inc. PO Box 1721
Provincetown MA 02657
p.508-487-0801 f.508-487-0780

Lower Cape Ambulance teams up with local nonprofits to hold joint food drive
Collection effort offers opportunity to help neighbors weather this winter
In addition to drop-off locations, there are other ways to donate both funds and food, including online
via Lower Cape Ambulance’s Facebook page or website, and also through Amazon Wishlist. See
below for list of additional ways to give, with links; also attached is a list of preferred donation items.
This coalition of organizations includes: Provincetown Food Pantry (Lower Cape Outreach Council),
Provincetown Crop Swap (a joint effort of the Provincetown Health Dept., Provincetown Public
Library and SKIP), AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Helping Our Women (HOW), SKIP,
Provincetown Council on Aging and Truro Council on Aging. The food and funds donated will help
the people of the Outer and Lower Cape through each of these organizations.
With this unprecedented tourism season nearing an end, many residents who wouldn’t normally need
help over the fall and winter are facing the stark reality of an off-season like no other, contending
with limited funds after COVID-19 restricted or eliminated their usual seasonal opportunities for

Alex Juchniewich, Provincetown’s community support liaison and a case manager for Homeless
Prevention Council, said HPC has seen a dramatic increase in the number of families in need of
services during this pandemic. “Our Back-to-School Backpack Program served 200 families this
year, versus the usual 130-150, and we anticipate our Adopt-a-Family program will also see higher
numbers. I’ve received multiple calls reporting housing, financial, and food insecurities. Families are
diverting funds to meet expenses, and access to healthy food is definitely a concern for many.”


1) Mail a check to:
Lower Cape Ambulance, P.O. Box 1721, Provincetown, MA 02657.
Please note that it’s for LCAA Food Drive.

2) Give money online:
Facebook Fundraiser at Lower Cape Ambulance Facebook page, or
Lower Cape Ambulance Association website, lowercapeambulance.org (through PayPal)
3) Buy items online (i.e., paper goods and non-perishables):
via Amazon Wishlist, and have them shipped directly to
LCAA, at 346 Route 6, Rear Unit, Truro, MA 02666:

Stuff Needed

Requested items for October 1-17 Lower Cape Ambulance Food Drive
Food Items:
– Olive oil
– Chicken noodle soup, vegetable soup or other canned soups
– Canned peaches, canned pears, any other canned fruit
– Nuts
– Dried fruit
– Sugar
– Ensure
– Canned garbanzo beans, pinto beans or kidney beans
– Spices
– Canned corn, canned carrots, canned potatoes
– 90-second rice
– Knorr Pasta sides
– Instant potatoes (small portions)
– Nuts/seeds (100 Calorie packs)
– Kind or Nature Valley protein bars
– Canned chicken
– Instant coffee
– Mayo (small)
– Mustard
– Salad dressing
– Coffee
– Pasta sauce in jars
– Pasta other than spaghetti
– Macaroni and cheese
– Fruit juices
– Sports drinks
– Cold breakfast cereals
– Peanut butter
– Any non- perishable foods
Non food items:
– Paper towels
– Toilet paper
– Gift cards (for clients to use)
– 3 oz. hand sanitizer
– Toothbrushes
– 8 oz. dish soap