Once upon a time, the railroad ran all the way down the Cape, bringing passengers to town… and catches of fish away. While it did at one time run all the way down MacMillan Wharf, Provincetown station itself was located on Bradford Street (back when it was called Back Street) between Alden and Standish Streets.

The first scheduled train by the Old Colony Railroad arrived in Provincetown on July 23, 1873. There was a serious party: when the first train with dignitaries arrived the day before, cannons boomed out salutes, church bells rang out, and a brass band helped the crowd march up to the Pavilion on High Pole Hill.

New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad passenger service to Provincetown ended in July 1938 (excepting a brief restoration of service in 1940), but freight service survived until 1960, when the tracks above North Eastham were formally abandoned.

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