2020 Provincetown Guides:
The Fall / Holiday Issue

Publisher’s Letter

In Provincetown, you can almost hear a collective sigh of relief from townies, local workers, and business owners right after Labor Day: we made it through another season! Smiles and laughter come quickly and more naturally. Shoulders drop in relaxation, and friends who haven’t had time to see each other finally get together and tell the season’s stories. To be honest, I can’t imagine a more tense summer than the one we’ve just lived through. The sigh of relief this year has been palpable. But it’s worth noting that the Provincetown community, as always, came together, and I am very proud of this place we call home (or even home-away- from-home).

As we enter the season of thanks and gratitude, we at ptownie wanted to offer you the opportunity to give back to the town you love. There’s such a special feeling when you become part of something bigger, deeper than yourself. So in this issue we’re offering two features that can help you support Provincetown.

How many times in December have you said to yourself, “I wish I did my holiday shopping last summer when I was in Ptown”? The beauty of Provincetown shopping is that you’re able to find unique gifts you’d never see at your local mall or Main Street, and we’re helping you by publishing our first Gift Guide to give you ideas and connect you to the shops you love. It’s a great way to help local merchants and artisans (and restaurants and inns, should you purchase gift cards) make it through this difficult year.

In addition, we’re including a Guide to Charitable Giving in this issue. Please take a few minutes to look at the amazing organizations doing great work in our community—and please give if you have the means.

Special thanks to Fred, Steven, and Ken at Strangers & Saints for trusting us with their brilliant wallpaper art (which you can find as the interior to their sweatshirt as part of our gift guide).

Finally, we’re looking forward to next summer by sharing some of the rooms and places to stay that we love, so you can book early and get that special accommodation. This issue will also help you plan for the wedding you had to put off this year, or the one you need to organize for next year. And don’t forget to visit our fortnightly Art We Love blog on the ptownie website, as we connect with and support the myriad of talented visual artists in town.

So much has changed this year, but what hasn’t changed is the resilience, spirit, ingenuity, and soul of this town. We are all proud to call it home.

— Mike Miller: Publisher