The Cape Cod light is extraordinary in Provincetown any day, but in the fall, it is downright striking. Aside from the magnificent light, there are minimal restaurant lines, many stores have sales, the weather is still good with temps in the mid-fifties, and the locals are happy and laid-back—all making it the perfect time to visit Provincetown.

And things are happening! Columbus Day Weekend, October 5-8, kicks off the Monumental Yard Sale, a town-wide yard sale where stores and homes sell their wares for cheap prices. There’s also the Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s (PAAM) 13th Annual Gala, Women’s Week 2018, followed very quickly by Fantasia Fair, and one of the biggest events of October, Halloween Weekend. Every year the night to don costumes and play on Commercial Street seems to increase in popularity, bringing in flash mobs, performances, and tons of parties! This year there’s also a Black and Gold Ball at Town Hall on October 27th to boot.

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