The Outer Cape Chorale’s spring concerts are coming this weekend, and as usual they’ll be playing to a sell-out crowd… if tickets actually sold, that is: the OCC’s concerts are still famously free, so choose a night or afternoon and come enjoy Opera to Broadway! 

So what’s the connection between the two? Director Allison Beavan skillfully offers audiences a throughline: both tell stories through music, and their styles may be closer to each other than you think. 

Take, for example, Phantom of the Opera or West Side Story: they are definitely operatic. Or the Anvil Chorus, which could fit quite nicely in a Broadway show. All the songs are well-known, and you’ll probably find yourself humming along to several. Where else can you hear tunes from Slumdog Millionaire, Hello Dolly, Les Misérables and even Gilbert and Sullivan in one sitting? 

Or, for that matter, hear songs in Zulu, Swahili, Punjabi, Hindi, French, Italian, and English?

There will be a few surprises, even a little drama. Listen in particular for Robert Grady’s rendition of Nessun Dorma, which is sure to bring tears to everyone’s eyes. The soloists are all top-notch, the energy level is great, and the chorale offers a fresh perspective, bringing even the most familiar of tunes to life. 

Beavan tells chorale members that their goal is to make audiences laugh, cry, and sigh. It sounds like this weekend will offer opportunities for all three. 


Outer Cape Chorale’s spring concert, Opera to Broadway, is Friday May 17th and Saturday May 18th at Provincetown Town Hall, and Sunday May 19th at Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans.