Employees at the Ptown Pet Resort were informed today that they will no longer have jobs and the business will close May 15.  The building has been sold to a dispensary. The community of Provincetown has reacted with great affection to the staff of the Pet Resort who have taken great care of their pets. The building was renovated and refurbished in 2014. The last day of daycare will be May 10th.

The managers and staff were told this morning and had no idea it was coming.  The owners commented “all the staff received severance and we tried for 5 years but there is not enough year round business to stay open”.  The sale of this business once again engages the debate of the challenges of trying to run a full year round business in a seasonal town.

The owners of the Pet Resort also own other businesses in town- The Crown Pointe Inn, Shui Spa, The Brass Key, Shipwreck Lounge, and The Pointe Restaurant. The owners are known in town to be excellent employers and generally very good to their employees.

This service and business will be greatly missed and the love the employees gave the dogs of Provincetown will be missed.