About: A celebration of the role of the Great Atlantic fishing bank schooner in Provincetown’s maritime history, while providing educational opportunities for residents and visitors to experience these historic vessels both in port and at sea through a series of races.

The first Great Provincetown Schooner Race was held in 2002. Provincetown resident Captain John Bennett had been racing his Schooner Hindu in the Gloucester Schooner Festival and was inspired to organize a schooner gathering in his homeport. The Fishermen’s Cup, the first Schooner race of the annual Regatta, runs a course from Gloucester to Provincetown, commemorating the Lipton Cup race of 1907 (which the Schooner Rose Dorothea of Provincetown won. The cup itself resides in the Provincetown Public Library, which also houses a half-scale replica of the Rose Dorothea, constructed by the late local boatbuilder Francis “Flyer” Santos.

You can reserve a seat on a schooner or on a spectator boat, view movies about past races, or indeed watch many of the smaller races from Ptown itself.