If you’ve got some records you don’t want anymore, please consider donating them to Cape Cod’s only community radio station, WOMR. They love old vinyl! They’ll clean them up and find them a good home. “Think of us,” says operating manager Matty “Dread” Dunn, “as the Music Rescue League or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Records!”

On the other hand, if your home has room for another record or two (and what home does not?), you can browse WOMR’s online record shop to see if there’s something to your liking. “You can be sure all of our records are housebroken!” says Dunn.

It’s an interesting sideline for the radio station. Every month, the most amazing collection of records accumulates, from copies of South Pacific to Communist-era Russian children’s songs to the smoothest jazz around—and we all know jazz needs to be listened to on vinyl! Proceeds from sales go to operating expenses at the station.

Follow the link above to the online store, or give the station a call at 508.487.2619 if you have a donation to make.