WOMR, a Pacifica affiliate and Cape Cod’s only community radio station, is in the midst of a capital campaign to raise money to replace its aging equipment—and you can help.

The aim of the capital campaign is to upgrade aging—and sometimes failing—equipment. This includes studio equipment, the studio-to-transmitter link, as well as installing a generator at the transmitter site located at Mount Gilboa in Provincetown. The campaign has complete and full support of the WOMR/WFMR board of directors and the board itself has already pledged 20% of the $250,000 needed to complete the project.

In addition to upgrades, the station will be purchasing mobile broadcasting equipment that will allow it to get out into the community in a way it hasn’t been able to for years. The generator installed at the Provincetown transmitter site will allow the station to broadcast emergency information during power outages caused by storms.

“This is an incredible step forward for us,” says John Braden, executive director. “The equipment is badly needed. We can’t keep up with necessary repairs—not to mention that the older equipment is becoming more and more difficult to repair and source parts for. These upgrades will make it easier to monitor the equipment, making sure it’s running smoothly and doing what it’s supposed to be doing.”

Anyone who would like to donate may call the station at 508.487.2619.

About WOMR/WFMR: WOMR is a noncommercial, nonprofit educational community radio station offering an eclectic blend of music and spoken-word programming since 1982 and broadcasting from Provincetown, Massachusetts—making it “outermost radio.” WOMR is not affiliated with any educational institution and derives its financial support from listeners, businesses and funding organizations. More information at www.womr.org.