Heading up the coast of Cape Cod is like exiting reality and entering a dreamy, queer bizarro world. The narrow Atlantic peninsula— itself shaped like a hook, a flexing arm, a come-hither gesture—invites travelers up the central highway, bay and ocean waves lapping at each side. At last, the highway runs out, and there at the very tip is Provincetown: the LGBTQ capital of New England.

Welcome to the gayest town in America. This little Massachusetts town, layered with history dating back to the 1620 Mayflower landing, is home to more LGBTQ citizens than anywhere else in the country, says the U.S. census.

It gets even better: Provincetown has more lesbian-owned businesses per capita than anywhere on the planet, from inns and eateries; to galleries, boutiques and sailing-charter companies. Three out of five town-council members are lesbians. And along with year-round events and festivals planned by and for queer ladies, 2019 marks 35 years of Provincetown Women’s Week. Mark your calendars for it this October 14-20, when you can also catch the third-annual Bride Pride, the world’s largest all-female wedding and renewal ceremony.

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