Updated May 8, 2018: ptownie, your community media company, has published our free guide with insider tips for the best of summer 2018! Click here to access the Summer 2018 ptownie Guide to Provincetown!

ptownie staff created the publication less as an all-encompassing guide and more as information and recommendations that a “townie” friend might offer to a newcomer or visitor. The result is quirky and fun, with chapters addressing whether one needs reservations (the answer is yes), how to get around (bicycles are highly recommended) and what to do on a budget (it’s still an option). Staff polled other year-rounders for advice on food and shopping, and included some required resources (location of ATMs, health services, and pet resources) while keeping a unique commentary connecting all the parts.

“This is our best guide ever,” says ptownie founder Mike Miller. “We’ve looked at the activities and resources that aren’t available anywhere else, and made sure we put our own spin on them. For example, we don’t tell people where to stay—there are plenty of other places to get that information—but we do give them the inside scoop on what will make their Ptown stay memorable, no matter what they came here for.”

Available online and optimized for smartphones, the 2018 ptownie’s guide to Provincetown is a must-have for every outer Cape visitor and resident. Quarter, half, and full-page ads are still available (contact mike@ptownie for more information) and will get local business names noticed in this directory of annual, perennial, and special events.

About ptownie: Offering calendar, commerce, and community, ptownie.com provides Provincetown with year-round connections to arts, culture, business, merchants & artisans, and more, as well as delivering professional media services to local businesses.