ptownie is back with an all new summer poll to determine Provincetown’s best restaurants. We asked ptownie followers their must visit dining spots when in town and received plenty of great feedback.

We got over 2,700 votes, so one thing is clear: food matters! Who sits atop the Provincetown food chain? That’s a cheap pun, and these are the results:

10. The Canteen

83 Votes

9. Sal's Place

85 Votes

8. The Squealing Pig

88 Votes

7. Front Street

91 Votes

6. Ross' Grill

91 Votes

5. The Mews

99 Votes

4. Jimmy's Hideaway

110 Votes

3. The Red Inn

124 Votes

2. Fanizzi's

130 Votes

1. The Lobster Pot

143 Votes