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    Jennifer Pritchard, Stay Here Provincetown

    Art We Love & Why – I Am a Camera

    When photography first came along, many artists turned up their noses and asked, where’s the “art” in a photograph? Of course, over time photography came to be as respected as painting or sculpture. And the range of expression in photography over the past century has exploded. The works featured here only hint at the diverse...
    Terry Boutelle, Opening (acrylic on canvas, 20” x 30”), AMP

    Art We Love & Why Provincetown- Landscape

    Art We Love – The Lay of the Land For some people, “landscape painting” may conjure up an old-fashioned, sedate art form – something to put over the sofa. But every artist sees the world around us through a unique lens, and the landscapes here are anything but staid. They’re also a reminder of the...
    Paul Resika

    Art We Love & Why: Living Legends

    In Japan, the artists featured here would be formally recognized as “Living Treasures.” Each of them has had a long and celebrated career spanning generations. And each of them continues to make work, not to burnish their reputations but because it is the essence of who they are–endlessly creative and continually exploring. They are role...
    Provincetown Art Sculptures

    Art We Love & Why: Sculpture

    Art We Love & Why – Off the Wall With the abundance of beautiful paintings in Provincetown galleries, you could be forgiven for taking your artistic nourishment solely from oil on canvas. And the same could be said for prints and photographs. But this week I want to make the case for sculpture. Most of...
    Judy Plaff Provincetown

    Art We Love & Why – A Moment

    Art We Love & Why – It Only Takes a Moment Art can do many things – it can inspire, it can provoke, and sometimes it can just make you smile. In these tumultuous times that’s a pretty neat trick. The pieces here don’t really have anything in common other than that they drew me...
    Robert Cardinal Art

    Art We Love & Why – Small

    Art We Love & Why – Less Is More Art can be like real estate – you get used to paying by the square foot and to thinking that bigger is better. Walking around the galleries this week, I was struck by how many works of small scale were grabbing my attention. Some of the...
    Forrest Williams Woodsmen

    Art We Love & Why- People

    Art We Love – We the People The human figure, people,  has been a favorite subject for artists ever since they first started scrawling on cave walls thousands of years ago. Every age has had its artistic take on the human body, from idealized Greek gods in marble to multifaceted cubist physiques. The work here...
    Duncan Johnson Tartan

    Art We Love & Why: Bravado

    Art We Love & Why – The Bold and the Beautiful As is true for most of us, there are some works of art that draw me in instantly. But It’s only when I get closer and understand more about a piece that the initial infatuation may turn to love. I admit I’m a sucker...
    Art We Love Black & White

    Art We Love & Why: Black & White

    Art We Love – It’s Right There in Black and White For many people art is all about color. Each of us has emotional responses to specific colors (don’t get Barbra Streisand going on orange) and lots of us even dream in color. But how do you tell a story, provoke a reaction, or pull...