(Photo of Stephen Borkowski – credit to Joanne Dugan)

Stephen Borkowski is a member of the Board of Trustees serving his second three-year term and is also the Secretary/Clerk for the Board. Stephen is also the Chair of the PMPM Collections Committee that is responsible for approving seeking new acquisitions, reviewing proposed gifts, planning exhibitions and the general care and decisions regarding to collections in an advisory capacity to the Executive Director.

Stephen is an independent scholar, curator, and also chair of the Provincetown Art Commission and Provincetown Historical Commission.  Stephen’s experience in the world of cultural heritage, museums, and exhibitions is formidable.  His decade guiding the Collections Committee has helped him develop intimate knowledge of one of the PMPM’s core assets and he has conceived many of the museum’s most successful exhibitions.

Stephen serves on the board for many reasons.  “I am deeply committed to examining and preserving the history of Provincetown and its role in the greater American story. Serving as the Chair of the Town’s Historical Commission also gives me a broader role in recording and using history as a portal for our visitors,” he says.

Stephen says that there are many exciting things on tap over the next year. “The PMPM Collections Committee is deep in planning a special exhibition for 2018, and will continue the work already begun in the conservation of our needlework collection and also preparing our antique maps for a future exhibition.  We will also work to build the narrative around the modernist jewelers of Provincetown (c. 1940 – 1970) and continue to build our core collections of these artists.”

His view of the role of the PMPM is that it is the history museum in Provincetown with many stories to tell.  “We have striven to look at the many people who have shaped the Town since its inception and will continue to show that Provincetown is a tolerant welcoming community which was formed by the diversity and multiple contributions of its inhabitants and visitors over the course of its history.  In essence, welcoming Pilgrims of all stripes for nearly 400 years.”