What could go better together than a restorative cup of tea… and an intuitive Tarot reading? The Captain’s Daughters are thrilled to welcome back NOLA TAROT by JP for his third season of Tea & Tarot.

Come to the Captain’s Daughters (384 Commercial Street) and enjoy a fifteen-minute intuitive reading by a sunny window overlooking the bay while sipping on a complimentary cup of tea. What could be more relaxing after a long Season?

JP brings more than thirty years of Tarot experience to his practice. He combines deep knowledge of Tarot symbolism and tradition with an intuitive approach that’s individually tailored to each person for whom he reads. As a holistic Tarot reader, JP also incorporate complementary modalities into his Tarot practice, including astrology, numerology, and Kabbalah. “Tarot is a mirror,” he says. “It reveals to you when you bring to it.”

The Tea & Tarot sessions are Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22 at noon. Appointments must be booked in advance and prepaid online. Cost is $33