When: October 19, 2019 – November 2, 2019 (Day of the Dead – November 2nd)

Where: Throughout Provincetown

About; Provincetown’s 4th annual Day of the Dead Performing Arts Festival is a community event honoring life and death through art. Inspired by the Mexican traditions of El día de los muertos, the festival includes art workshops, a procession, an ofrenda exhibition, an evening of performing arts and a dance party.

Workshops begin in mid-October. The procession, ofrenda exhibition, performing arts event and dance party all take place on November 2.

The intention of the festival is to recognize and honor the Mexican and Mesoamerican roots of El día de los muertos while simultaneously creating a community event that is unique to the lived lives of Provincetown residents and other Festival participants.

It is especially important to honor the Mexican roots of the Festival in light of the current national climate of xenophobia and anti-immigration rhetoric. Honoring the Festival’s Mexican roots is an opportunity to recognize the enriching contributions of Mexicans and Mexican culture. (Copy taken from website.)