When: June 23, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Where: Fishermen Hall

About: Hennessy Brown is a brilliant young scientist who has created a serum that will end racism as we know it…but when villainy threatens to keep the status quo of bigotry, Hennessy must become the sassy, cape-donning hero, the Ebonic Woman. The Ebonic Woman is a blistering hot take on race in America and the walls we build around ourselves to keep the status quo. This time using the form of superhero blockbusters, Ryan Landry has once again written a scathing satire, musical-comedy in which no group is safe. And the Gold Dust Orphans troupe is here to ensure the social commentary is surpassed in laughs. Your head will spin from the vocals, dancing, costumes, effects, and the wit that you have come to expect from the Orphans.

Connie's Bakery Provincetown