Who is today’s Provincetown artist?  Not an easy question to answer.

A week at a time: Five schools of art offer week-long courses – the Cape School of Art, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Truro Arts Center at Castle Hill and Twenty Summers. Like a century ago, artists from all over the world travel to the Outer Cape to learn, be inspired, connect and enjoy living on the ocean.

The Second Act Artist: Provincetown attracts artists over fifty; driven creatives who are in their second or third acts, newly retired and settling on the Outer Cape. I mean, that IS living the dream! To be free to do what you want any old time on the Outer Cape? Heaven.

Multi-talented Day Job Artist: Thousands of residents over the years, many who came through a FAWC Winter Fellowship, have found a job that pays the bills while they paint, write, act, video, photograph and sculpt. Like in any real-world audition, some get grants and sell a lot of art and others stay with the day job until they, too, can retire and make art full-time.

Art is Everywhere: In 1977, there were only seven galleries in town. Now there were sixty-plus along Commercial Street. Some have been around a long time and are Provincetown inspired, others are brave Artists turned Gallerists who go into business for themselves. Many bring their own group from elsewhere and have two locations. Last, there are people who open their first gallery (what courage!) as a second act. This wide range of venues can be confusing for the art viewer. What is good and what is not?

Provincetown’s artists are producing exciting work. Half the fun is looking for the jewels on a Friday night gallery stroll, as we have done since the Great Summer of 1916.