WOMR/WFMR is your community radio station, the only one on Cape Cod, and is part of Radio Free America. Want to listen? Here’s how…

  • WOMR is now streaming worldwide thanks to Shoutcast.
  • You can listen on your FM radio by tuning your channel to FM 92.1 or FM 91.3
  • You can listen on your tablet or mobile phone by downloading the TuneIn App from the iTunes store and on Google Play.
  • You can listen on your computer using iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player and Quicktime.
  • They also have podcasts!

Consider supporting WOMR during one of its membership pledge drives, or at any time by visiting the website or calling 508-487-2619. A sustaining membership is only a few dollars a month, far less than you spend on your morning coffee, and it enables the 75-plus volunteers who present music and spoken-word programming continue to bring you the very best in everything Cape Cod and beyond.