When: Sunday, June 14, 2020 and Monday, June 15, 2020

Where: UU Meetinghouse

About: WorldFest is Provincetown’s annual international cultural festival, created in 2011 to welcome, support, celebrate, integrate, and enhance the visibility of Provincetown’s international seasonal and year-round student/worker population by

1) offering essential information on life in Provincetown (medical, dental, cultural, banking, housing, employment, legal, and other areas) available to everyone,

2) providing events for art, music, and other cultural and creative expression.

WorldFest is a great opportunity for all residents, international students/workers on Cape Cod, and visitors to get to know our international students/workers and their creative talents. Everyone is invited to all WorldFest events. All WorldFest events are free. Donations are accepted and used for putting together the event as well as for compensating the artists and the performers.

Events are all day on Sunday; the concert is on Monday night.