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    Publisher’s Letter

    Welcome to ptownie’s Next Generation issue! I started formulating this idea over a year ago as I began noticing a shift, a change, a new energy in town—creativity across the board, from art to activism and everything in-between. Change is constant, but this particular change felt different. So I started talking to people to see if it was just me… and it wasn’t.

    I feel like I’m pretty well connected in town, but in exploring this issue’s theme I learned about a ton of new stuff going on, and I think you will too. And it’s really good stuff! We’ve included a whole sea of guest contributors in this issue, some with names you’ll recognize now—and others with names you’re sure to recognize in the future as they continue to make their mark on Provincetown.

    I must also thank all our contributing photographers, starting with the talented and kind Amy Arbus. Amy arrives in September to officially become a Ptown “washashore” but graciously came up early to shoot our cover and some of our Next Generation subjects… and the photos are beautiful! I also want to thank Shann Treadwell, Ron Amato, and David Chick for their contributions; they really helped round out and represent this Next Generation.

    I’m totally delighted to note that our staff photographer Ric Ide is back. Ric shot the majority of the Guide images we so love, wonderful eclectic landscapes and portraits of people and places in Provincetown. We’ve always known he was ridiculously talented, but with this issue we’re showing you a different (and equally talented!) side of Ric’s work, his still-life photography. I’m a big fan.

    And that’s not all. We’re also paying attention to “what was old is new again”: check out the repurposing of the wall outside Marine Specialties, the new edition (in print!) of David Dunlap’s amazing book on Provincetown history through architecture, and the emergence of forgotten gravestones as they’re finally cleaned and cared for.

    I’m happy to report that Rooms We Love is back with some really special options for help planning your next trip to Provincetown. Our Holiday Gift Guide offers great products you can only get in Provincetown and helps you pick out the perfect gift for anyone—even the person who’s impossible to buy for! And our annual Charitable Giving Guide is here if you’re interested in supporting the amazing organizations that do great work here in town.

    It’s hard for me to believe, but we just completed Year Five of ptownie and, and I want to take a moment to reflect on those years. Much has changed since we began, but one thing has remained constant for me: from Day One, ptownies’s mission has been help quintessential Provincetown merchants have more of a year-round revenue stream. We all love this fantastic place, but it can be difficult to live and work here and make it all work, and ptownie wants to make it just a trifle easier.

    No matter what is happening in Ptown, and no matter what generation is bringing new ideas, knowledge, expertise, and energy to the town, the one thing we know will always be here is Provincetown’s inimitable magic, and ptownie feels blessed to be a part of this crazy, beautiful, intimate, outrageous place.

    I’m glad you’re here, reading this, too. Enjoy!

    Mike Miller