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    Welcome to Provincetown! Our best ptownie tip is to reserve your stay early so you’re not disappointed. Inns, guesthouses, and hotels fill up quickly, and the “no vacancy” sign is a common sight in the summer season. In fact, if you liked where you stayed this year, when you leave you might go ahead and make your reservation for next year now—it’s what a surprising number of regular visitors do, especially those who come for special theme weeks.

    For a look at a few of our favorite rooms in Provincetown, head to the Provincetown Rooms We Love page!

    Provincetown has three major sections. The oldest, the West End, was settled by Portuguese fishermen and their families, and it’s reflected in the houses. The newest, the East End, was the domain for a long time of the artists and Bohemians who arrived in the 1800s and early 1900s (if you want to know why, just check out the sweeping view of the bay, harbor, and town from the East End!). And the center grew up to service both ends of town, so it’s where most of the retail shops, restaurants, and other amenities are located.

    We’ll take you through town, but be advised that inns and guesthouses are listed in alphabetical rather than geographic order!

    So let’s start at the beginning: the West End.
    This is where you’ll want to stay to enjoy a little more space around you, a quiet neighborhood, and easy access to the moors and the beaches of the National Seashore.
    Let’s head next into the center of town.
    This is where you’ll want to stay if you want to be in the middle of the action, and you don’t mind it staying pretty noisy at night! You have easy access to everything and there are considerably more guesthouses and inns in this area.
    Anchor Inn Beach House
    Bradford House and Motel
    Brass Key Guesthouse
    Crowne Pointe Historic Inn and Spa
    Gabriel's Provincetown Hotel
    Gaslamp Bed & Breakfast
    Prince Albert Guest House
    Revere Guest House
    Rose and Crown Guest House
    The White Porch Inn Art Hotel
    Which brings us to the East End.
    Ah! Back into the quiet! The East End extends roughly from Pearl Street all the way to the Truro line. Here you’ll find more space, as you did in the West End, for some larger establishments. The hotels tend to be kid-friendly and several have swimming pools.

    So that’s the tour! We’re so glad that you’re visiting us here in Provincetown, and know that wherever you stay, you’ll be comfortable, well cared for (even pampered!) and eager to return.

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