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    Art We Love – More than Meets the Eye
    Art We Love – More than Meets the Eye
    The first impression a piece of art makes when you walk into a gallery can be thrilling.  But sometimes what’s even more exciting is discovering that what you see up close is not at all what you thought you saw from afar. All of the pieces here had that...
    The Lemonade Girl
    For more years than many of us can remember, summers in Provincetown weren’t complete without the sight of a little girl walking up and down Commercial Street, calling out in a lovely singsong voice, “Lemonade! Fifty cents! Lemonade!” That little girl...
    First Light with Provincetown 2023
    Here is your Guide to First Light in Provincetown. First Light is an opportunity to “do” New Years Weekend right for everyone! Events, Celebrations, Fireworks! 2023 will be more for ptownie! Dina Martina Christmas Show Thursday & Friday December 29...
    Gorgeous and Poignant: Tiny Beautiful Things at the Provincetown Theater
    Tiny Beautiful Things doesn’t feel like a standard play (spoiler alert: it isn’t). For one thing, there’s no complex storyline—no plot at all, in fact. With one exception, the characters aren’t fully fleshed out, the audience essentially hears their...
    Humanity at its most raw: “The Humans” wows Provincetown
    Make sure you see The Humans at the Provincetown Theater before joining your family for the holidays; it will reassure you that your people’s insanity is way down on the crazy scale. Dysfunctional family gatherings are a staple of theatre and literature,...
    Off With Their Heads! The Revolutionists at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater
    It is a sad fact that history is always written by the winners, and for many centuries that has meant it’s written by men. The frustrations women feel when they realize their stories aren’t being told, remembered, and celebrated come to the fore in...
    Scholarly Foremothers: Review of Yale Needs Women
    I have to admit as a Yalie myself (albeit from the less rarefied air of one of the graduate schools) I was eager to read about how Yale welcomed women scholars and … oh, right. It didn’t. In the summer of 1969, from big cities to small towns, young women...
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