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    The Lemonade Girl
    For more years than many of us can remember, summers in Provincetown weren’t complete without the sight of a little girl walking up and down Commercial Street, calling out in a lovely singsong voice, “Lemonade! Fifty cents! Lemonade!” That little girl...
    Buried Child at Harbor Stage is Buried Treasure
    It’s telling that as the audience files in to see Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer-prizewinning play, Buried Child, at the Harbor Stage Company, they must put on masks and have their vaccination credentials examined: our time is not so very different from the world...
    JUNE 23 ptownie dispatch
    June 23, 2022. the ptownie dispatch!
    Provincetown Portuguese Festival June 23, 2022 through June 26, 2022 throughout Provincetown Provincetown welcomes people from around the world who come to celebrate Portuguese culture and our proud seafaring heritage at the annual Provincetown Portuguese...
    Straight White Men WHAT
    Pranks and Pressure: “Straight White Men” at WHAT
    The contrast couldn’t be more stark: as the audience enters, it’s greeted by over-loud rap music (performed by women and people of color) and taken on a tour of the play’s premises by two people who are clearly not straight white men; and then Justin...
    Provincetown 2022
    What’s New in 2022
    In case you haven’t been paying attention, there is a whole lot that’s new in 2022! We made a last-minute decision about whether to add “what’s sold” to the front cover, but thought that would be perhaps too cheeky. Still, in truth, there have been...
    Billy Hough Provincetown
    New Tour: Billy’s Wild West of the East
    There are certain tours largely seen as required activities when visiting Provincetown: Art’s Dune Tours, a whale-watch excursion, checking out haunted venues. But for the truly curious, there is nothing quite like Billy Hough’s “Wild West of the...
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