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    Angels in America at the Provincetown Theater is Beyond Heavenly
    It may be ironic that a play essentially about death—framed in both the opening and final scenes—can feel so vital and filled with life and energy; but that’s the case with the new production of Angels in America now playing at the Provincetown Theater...
    Our Town at Cape Rep is Strange… and Wonderful
    You’ve probably seen Our Town before, if only as a—yikes— high-school production. Forget all that. Director Maura Hanlon’s version, which just opened at Cape Rep Theatre, is nothing like you’ve ever seen. And it’s absolutely fantastic. Our Town is...
    Worth Fighting For Book Cover
    Book review: Worth Fighting for (John Pavlovitz)
    Like many other progressives, I’m finding it difficult these days to be optimistic, much less at peace, about the state of the world and of the country I live in. Everywhere I look, cruelty is on display. (And what is it, anyway, about cruelty that it seems...
    Who Counts in America? “What the Constitution Means to Me” at the Provincetown Theater
    I don’t usually tell you what to do. I am telling you now. Go see this play. If you need more reasons to vote, go see this play. If you care about the future of this country, go see this play. If you think you understand the United States, go see this play....
    Meet The New Medea, Same as the Old Medea
    Well, maybe not. Marcus Sharp (played by Tom Hewitt) is a gay, cis male contemporary version of the mythical Medea who, as revenge on her partner for leaving her, kills her two sons along with her partner’s new love and the lover’s father. In playwright...
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