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    Who Counts in America? “What the Constitution Means to Me” at the Provincetown Theater
    I don’t usually tell you what to do. I am telling you now. Go see this play. If you need more reasons to vote, go see this play. If you care about the future of this country, go see this play. If you think you understand the United States, go see this play....
    Meet The New Medea, Same as the Old Medea
    Well, maybe not. Marcus Sharp (played by Tom Hewitt) is a gay, cis male contemporary version of the mythical Medea who, as revenge on her partner for leaving her, kills her two sons along with her partner’s new love and the lover’s father. In playwright...
    An Affair to Remember: Harold Pinter’s Betrayal in Wellfleet
    One of the most powerful aspects of Harold Pinter’s work is in the spaces he creates between the lines spoken by his characters. It’s in the silences, in the pauses, that the more visceral story is being told, and in no other work is this more apparent...
    Harbor Stage Company’s Summer Ghost Story: The Thin Place
    The stage is nearly bare: two chairs and a table. That’s it. And as the play begins, the house lights are kept on (later all the lights will be turned off), a disconcerting experience that sets the stage—pun intended—for Lucas Hnaith’s The Thin Place,...
    ptownie - Real Estate June-37 (dragged)
    Provincetown News
    Provincetown Real Estate: Top 10 Lessons for Investing in Ptown/Truro
    Top 10 Real Estate Lessons I am so glad I have been obsessed with Real Estate since the age of 25. I bought my first apartment at the age of 29 and first vacation/rental property at 30. I was 39 when we bought our first house in No. Truro. We now live rent...
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