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NOTE: Information subject to change. Please be sure to refer to ptownie’s Provincetown COVID-19 update page for the most up to date information.

361 Coffee and Espresso Provincetown

361 Coffee & Espresso Bar

361 Commercial Street
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361 Coffee & Espresso Bar has an excellent location right at the corner of the Johnson Street parking lot. The coffee bar offers hot and iced coffee drinks and some pastries.

Blue Monkey Cafe Provincetown

The Blue Monkey

334 Commercial Street
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The Blue Monkey offers handmade European pastries and all the coffees you’d expect from a European couple, Jurgen Zimmermann and Jorge Rodriguez. “Kaffee und Kuchen” is the German version of High Tea. Enjoy delicious European cakes, torten, and patisseries.

Cafe Maria Provincetown

Café Maria

277 Commercial Street (Lopes Square)
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Café Maria has been serving Provincetown since 1998 with delicious baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, wraps, healthy salads, smoothies and more, all made to order. This is where you’ll find the “real” Ptown locals—people who’ve lived here for fifty years or more—hanging out for their morning coffee and conversation. The outdoor café tables are right by the beach and it’s a great view… or just sit back and watch Provincetown walk by.

Captain's Daughters Provincetown

The Captain’s Daughters

384 Commercial Street
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The Captain’s Daughters are purveyors of fine teas, custom-blended with the highest quality ingredients that are sourced in small quantities from the finest farms and tea estates in the world. Making tea takes time. It is a ritual that embodies self-care. Tea offers healing from the inside out and the chance to slow down for a few moments, relishing in the peace of mind that comes with being fully present.

Coffee Pot Provincetown

The Coffee Pot

315 Commercial Street (Lopes Square)
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The Coffee Pot has been serving freshly brewed coffee, espresso, and home-baked pastries for over 26 years in the same location, right on Lopes Square in the center of Provincetown. Locals and visitors alike have made The Coffee Pot their favorite destination for coffee, breakfast, and lunch. The Coffee Pot is open from 5:00am with coffee, nine different muffin flavors, and pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Take your order to go or enjoy the generous seating at outside tables under the awning and watch the sights and sounds of Provincetown.

Connie's Bakery

Connie’s Bakery

Aquarium Mall, 205 Commercial Street
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Under new ownership this year, Connie’s Bakery has been serving Provincetown residents, visitors, and its surrounding communities for over 30 years; it began as a retail counter at the Lobster Pot. Moving eventually out to Race Point Road and finally to its current location in the Aquarium Mall, Connie’s offers cakes, pastries, and a range of breakfast items with vegan and gluten-free options, as well as a “comfort food” menu for hot take-away.

East End Market Provincetown

East End Market

212 Bradford Street
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Though primarily a sandwich-shop-and-grocery store, the East End Market offers Iggy’s bread, pastries, and Centerville pies, along with its Jim’s Organic Coffee. There are outside benches and a very nice small-town vibe.

Far Land Provisions Provincetown

Far Land Provisions

150 Bradford Street
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Far Land was established by Tom Boland and Jim Farley (see the name, now?) as the modern equivalent of the rustic corner store. As the season progresses they’ll let you know how best to navigate Covid restrictions; as of this writing, there was no indoor ordering or seating.

Joe Coffee Provincetown

joe coffee

170 Commercial Street
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joe coffee takes an artisanal approach to coffee, with the story behind the cup as much a focal point as the drink inside. There’s a growing awareness of how origins, farming, methods, and processing affect the flavor of coffee, and joe coffee is on board with this “third wave” of coffee production and consumption. Quality transparency and maintaining human relationships throughout the entire supply chain are key to creating the perfect cup of joe you’ll drink here. joe coffee employs only baristas with top-notch skills and expertise who love to share their coffee knowledge with customers. They think it all works together for a better cup of coffee.

Kohi Coffee Provincetown

Kohi Coffee

199 Commercial Street
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The name is the Japanese word for coffee (Japanese culture shares Kohi’s owners’ attention to detail and scientific approach to coffee preparation), while the ram’s-head logo hearkens back to the legend of the discovery of coffee by Ethiopian goat-herders. Summers, Kohi features a very popular cold-brew coffee on tap; but the real joy is in watching individual cups being brewed in front of you, a focused process ensuring absolute freshness. They don’t have flavors: “People are used to having coffee that’s bitter, so they put stuff in, including sweeteners. A good coffee doesn’t need it.” Every cup is an education—who knew, for example, that dark roast actually has less caffeine than lighter ones? There doesn’t seem to be a question about coffee that they cannot answer.

Mama Matcha Green Bar Provincetown

Mama Matcha Green Bar

258 Commercial Street
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Matcha is the product of stoneground tea leaves, unheated to preserve their nutrients and far less processed than regular green tea leaves. Thus, when you are drinking matcha, you consume all the health benefits from this superfood. Mama Matcha offers the very best Japanese matcha made the traditional way by dedicated matcharistas. The matcha latte is particularly good: the matcha is well-mixed, they’re generous with the foam, it’s not too sweet, and they have almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk to go with it.

Relish Provincetown


93 Commercial Street
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Nestled in the quiet, residential neighborhood of Provincetown’s west end, Relish is a convenient stop on the way to the beach. A selection of breakfast sandwiches, coffee cakes, muffins and scones for the early birds. What makes Relish a destination? Its cookies, cakes, panna cotta, key lime tarts, cream puffs, coconut macaroons, French almond macarons, pecan walnut bars, lemon squares, flourless chocolate pecan cookies, chocolate baby cakes… They could go on. Seriously.

The Wired Puppy Provincetown

The Wired Puppy

379 Commercial Street

Wired Puppy Coffee and Tea opens at 6:30 am, so early birds tend to flock here for a seat on the bench on Commercial Street to watch the world go by. The Puppy has wonderfully curated coffee and tea drinks, like Rose Spiced Chai and Turkish Spiced Coffee. The baked goods are popular—especially the muffins—but if online reviews are anything to go by, the cheerfulness and customer service here is the best of anyplace in town.

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